The photos below is our foundation dam, Ivory, her daughter, Raison both of their beautiful offspring.

Ivory and son, Bishop.

Raison and her daughter, Pinkie.

Raison and our sweet boy, Julien.

Handsome Genesis.

Sweet, sweet, Ivory and our handsome son, Dart.

Dartagnan with Sophie.

Ivie getting some R & R...

Montie and Cappie.

Ivory and Raison.

Stela is living it up in Manhattan.

Pinkie and Dartagnan.

King Montie on HIS beach....



Raison and Capulet.

Dartagnan with Raison in Dec '06.




 Duncan and Raison on Cinco de Mayo '07.

Reagan and Raison.

Montie and Cappie.

Montie and Don.

Raison and our sweet boy, Dartagnan.

Regal Duncan.

Lipo takes the World Champion title at the Mexican World Dog Show in May 2007.

Raison @ 18 mos.